The Bluff Creek Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is a non-profit association. It is 100% run by volunteers who work to raise money to support, strengthen and enhance the education of their children at Bluff Creek Elementary. 
The BCE PTO creates, manages, plans and executes a variety of fundraising opportunities including: family events, local business partnerships, and merchandise retail sales. The money raised funded field trips, classroom technology and supplies, and events for your kids attending Bluff Creek Elementary.


Learn more about our goals, budget and finances.



If you are the parent or guardian of a BCE student or a teacher, you are already a part of the PTO. We all have the same goal – to make sure that the kids we have or teach love learning and excel at it in the most supportive environment possible. 


The PTO is currently comprised of over 300 volunteer parents, both working and stay-at-home, with close to 50 of those volunteers committed to chairing a committee. We do not require a time commitment and appreciate whatever you can do, when you can do it. 



The Bluff Creek Elementary PTO is a great way to engage further with your child's learning community. Whether you are looking to volunteer for an event, committee or in the classroom, we provide many opportunities. Whatever your time commitment level, we welcome you to Bluff Creek Elementary PTO.