It's a valid question and one that is not understood by many parents and caregivers. The answer is actually very simple: the school simply doesn't have enough funds to provide our students with the very best they deserve.


Fundraising is not about making money; it's about school improvement and the opportunity to provide all students with the best educational experiences. Fundraisers help pay for field trips, school clubs, classroom supplies, playground equipment, books, technology upgrades, music programs, and so much more. 


Unfortunately, fundraising is not a one-time thing; it's an ongoing effort throughout the school year. The PTO works hard to provide a variety of events without inundating you with an abundance of financial asks.


We recognize and respect every family's economic situation. Donations are never expected and always appreciated. 


THANK YOU for all you do for your student at BCE and support of the PTO! 



We never want families to feel like we’re always asking for money. Participate in what you’d like and skip what you don’t. We have one direct fundraiser for the year (Fun Run) and focus on more passive fundraising where we earn money for something you already do like eating at a restaurant or shopping for groceries. All funds are spent according to the budget passed by our board members. You can see more details here on the budget. 


Online Donations

This is the easiest way to donate - simply click a button, choose your amount, and you're done. 



Restaurant Nights

Meal planning can be so stressful so we provide at least one night a month where you don't have to cook. Each month we partner with local restaurants to provide a night with a portion of sales proceeds going to the PTO. View the restaurant night partners list. 



Thought the school year, the PTO hosts events that raise funds for the school as well as events that celebrate our community. Our largest fundraiser is the annual Lion Fun Run, a two-week campaign in the fall. Learn more about the other events we coordinate.  


Corporate Matching

Bluff Creek Elementary PTO is a qualified 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. This means there is a good chance your employer will match a donation made to BCE PTO. Check with your employer's HR or Benefits department and verify if they offer a matching program. If they do, they typically have a form you would submit to the PTO with your contribution information, or they may use a paperless process.












The Cookie Cups sells baking and cooking kits for kids and families and has been featured in Real Simple Magazine, The New York Times, The Today Show and more. An added bonus - The Cookie Cups is a local small business AND owned by a BCE family. 


Code: BCE2023

Discount: 20% + direct shipping

The Cookie Cups will give back about $5 per kit sold, depending on the kit. 






Mabel's Labels offers personalized waterproof name labels and tags. They are laundry, dishwasher and microwave safe.


Support a Fundraiser: enter Bluff Creek Elementary 


Mabels Labels will donate 20% of your order. 





Shop as you normally would. Then use the app to submit your receipt - the app identifies Box Tops products on your receipt and automatically credits BCE’s earnings online. 


Use the Box Tops app to submit your receipt within 14 days of purchase.

BCE PTO receives10¢ per participating product

Get the app or visit www.boxtops4education.com to learn more.






Discount: 20% off Minted stationery + custom gifts

Enjoy 20% off Minted's unique stationery, children's art, gifts and cards when you shop using our exclusive discount. Minted will donate 15% of each purchase back to our organization. It's a win-win!






Provide our school ID every time you shop in Office Depot/OfficeMax stores or online to give 5% of your purchase back to our school in credits for supplies. If you forget to provide at the point of sale, you can go online and enter our school ID to input your order number or receipt information. 


School ID code: 70053565

IN-STORE ONLY: Mention BCE PTO for 20% of your purchase to be donated




Shop The Scholastic Store anytime and your purchase benefits BCE. Raise readers while raising funds!

Plus, sign up to get updates about our school's book fairs.


Explore coupons, promos & sales

2% of every purchase benefits BCE





Code (via phone only): Mention Bluff Creek PTO

Discount: 50% off your order