We work hard to raise money to ensure the school budget is supplemented. The money that we raise goes right back into the school to support teachers, staff and students. 



There are a variety of ways we raise funds for the school. 


Online Donations

This is the easiest way to donate - simply click a button, choose your amount, and you're done. 



Corporate Matching


Bluff Creek Elementary PTO is a qualified 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. This means there is a good chance your employer will match a donation made to BCE PTO. Check with your employer's HR or Benefits department and verify if they offer a matching program. If they do, they typically have a form you would submit to the PTO with your contribution information, or they may use a paperless process. 




Thought the school year, the PTO hosts events that raise funds for the school as well as events that celebrate our community. Our largest fundraiser is the annual Lion Fun Run, a two-week campaign in the fall. Learn more about the other events we coordinate.  


Restaurant Nights

Meal planning can be so stressful so we provide at least one night a month where you don't have to cook. Each month we partner with local restaurants to provide a night with a portion of sales proceeds going to the PTO. View the restaurant night partners list. 


Passive Fundraising

Another easy way to donate to the PTO without even noticing is to use one of our local and/or national partners. From labels to pizza, we've got your covered. Learn more...